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Pet Mat
TPR mat with velvet surface. NIcely cushioned. Perfect sleeping mat for dogs & cats.  Even a changing pad. 
15.8"x23.6" (40x60 cm)

Bone Pet Tag w. Backgrounds
Choose between 8 different backgrounds & solid color backgrounds. Bone Shaped, 1 Sided White Aluminum, 1.5" x 1" x .045".  Add text or a photo. 

Heart Shape Pet Tag
Heart Shaped, 1 Sided White Aluminum, 1.25" x 1.4"

Round Pet Tag w. backgrounds
1.25" (3.00 cm) pet tag on metal.  Add a photo, choose a patterned background  or choose a colored background & text. 

Pet Collar Medium
Pet Collar, Black, Adjustable 12" to 16". Imprintable White Panel (.75" x 12").

Small Pet or Cat Bowl
Small Pet Bowl, Ceramic, White, 6" diameter x 2.5"

Pet Leash 6 Feet
Pet Leash, Black, 72" x 3/4", with (2) (.75" x 12") Imprintable White Panels. Imprint these with awesome graphics or photo miniatures, make a cool statement for dogs.

Pet Bowl Large
Pet Bowl, White Ceramic, 7" diameter x 3" High.

Pet Collar Large
Pet Collar, Black, Adjustable 16" to 20"; Imprintable White Panel (.75" x 12"). Decorative collar, not suitable for pets that twist or pull leading to high stress on buckle. Great for putting the name and address of owner on collar.


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