Medium 4x5" Retro Landscape Prints - Set of 20

Medium 4x5" Retro Landscape Prints - Set of 20

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Category : Posters, Collages, Print & Stick

SubCategory : Retro Prints

Pages : 1-1

Size : 4 x 5

Orientation : Horizontal


20 Retro Style Prints (4x5").Ideal for landscape photos (Instagram style) Printed on ultra thick Card Stock (up to 360 gsm) with a Matte, Satin or Gloss Finish. Ideal for hanging on walls or ropes with clips, pins or used for table stands.


20 Retro Print Paper Finish Choices 

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Volume prices
Quantity Price(each)
Smooth Fine Matte X Thick 365 GSMSilky Smooth Surface X Thick 360 GSMUltra Gloss Coated Card Stock
1-4 Afl.31.95 Afl.31.95 Afl.31.95
5+ Afl.19.50 Afl.19.50 Afl.19.50

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