Slate Square 8 in x 8 in single photo

Slate Square 8 in x 8 in single photo

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Category : Stone, Clocks, Maple Wood, Tiles & Awards

SubCategory : Natural Slate Stone Prints

Pages : 1-1

Material : Slate (Natural Stone)

Shape : Square

Size : 8x8

Finish : Matte


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Square Slate. Simple design interface. Single photo only. Comes with stand. Width ranges between 7 & 8 inches.
Photo slate rock plaques are stunning rock frames for your photos that have a matte finish. Made from ⅜” thick stone, each slate is unique made from polished metamorphic rock, with natural edging. Due to the jagged and irregular nature of the edging it is recommended that text and critical parts of the image are placed at least ½ an inch away from the edges.  Slates can vary in size by up to ½ inch.  The natural surface of the slate has natural imperfections that will show through the photos and make each plaque unique.


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